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Textile Sourcing – The Definition & Information!

What is Textile Sourcing? Sourcing is a defined as a procurement of a hub where the manufacturers or buyers find their needs to fulfilled in terms of goods, products, services or equipments finding, evaluating, engaging and supplying. Similarly, Textile Sourcing is a center where the engaged buyers and manufacturers knock each other for latest products,

01 Feb 2014

What Are Textiles Direct?

Textiles Direct is a company based on England, UK who are the manufacturers and suppliers of various Textiles product like Curtains, bed sheets, Cushions, home wear, Mattress Protectors and Duvet Covers. List of Products Being Sold by Textiles Direct Textile Bedding Products: Textiles Direct has a large quantity of bedding products in different sizes, colors,

31 Jan 2014

Review of Bangladesh University of Textiles

Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX) is located at Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Sharoni of Tejgaon, Dhaka. This is the very first and the only government owned higher degree providing textiles institutions in Bangladesh. BUTEX was established at 22nd December of 2010. Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasian inaugurated this University in order to fill up the

20 Jan 2014

Different Kinds of Jamdani (A Special Fabric) of Bangladesh

Jamdani is one of the exclusive fabric only manufactured in Bangladesh (South Asia). Jamdani manufactured in the Bank of Shitalakkha and the water of Shitalokkha river is told to be only suitable water for such type of fabrics. From the ancient era of king governed states to the present fashionable era; Jamadani is being worn

23 Dec 2013

Top 20 Textile Articles You Won’t Forget!

TextileClass.Com is back again! We have been discontinued writing on this site for several personal problems. But, luckily all the problems have been solved and we are ready to boost this site again. For this to begin; we would like to bring out the top 20 articles of this blog which you might have missed

28 Sep 2013

Warp Knitting | Weft Knitting | Jacquard Knitting

If you are a textile engineering student or a textile professional, then you must have in depth knowledge about knitting as it is an essential part of textile. So, in this post, I will discuss about warp knitting, weft knitting and jacquard knitting. Warp Knitting Warp knitting is made on flat bed machines and the

10 Apr 2013

Different Types of Cotton That You Need to Know

Cotton is the purest form of natural cellulose. It is the seed hair of the plants of the genus Gossypium. Types of cotton may include cellulose, mono-cellular, natural and staple fibre. Cotton is being used for textile purposes for 5000 years. Cotton was grown and used for textile purposes in the Indus Valley before 2100

09 Apr 2013

Types of Knitting Stitches | Essential to Learn for Textile Engineering Students

There are four principal types of knitting stitches utilized in knit fabrics. These are: Plain stitch Purl stitch Tuck stitch and Miss stitch These four stitches or combination of them, appearing in the same fabric, form the basis of all kinds of knitted fabrics. In this post, I will focus on these four types of

08 Apr 2013

List of Textile Engineering College in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the leading RMG exporters at present. More and more new garments and textile mills are being established here. So there is a huge demand for textile technologists and this demand is increasing day by day. For meeting this increasing demand for textile professionals, some universities are offering courses on textile engineering.

31 Mar 2013

5 Popular Technical Textile Books That You Should Read

Few days ago, someone told me that he didn’t find any enriched technical textile book on the web that can be easily downloaded. If you are facing the same problem, nothing to worry because I am here to help you out of this problem. Today I am going to share some very popular technical textile

29 Mar 2013
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