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Fashion Merchandising Schools in Ohio Which Offers Graduate Degree Programs

Ohio is the 34th largest state of United States of America in the sense of Area and 7th most populous amongst other states of USA. Ohio is famous for its dazzling nightlife and adventurous sights and this is why students who want to study in fashion merchandising find this state a great place to grow their creativity on fashion designing and merchandising.

Ohio is basically a Midwestern type of states of USA and full of educational opportunities that attract hundreds of thousands students and enthusiasts from all over the world. There are lots of online and campus based schools and colleges which offers fashion merchandising education in Ohio.

Here you go with a list of Fashion Merchandising HighSchools in Ohio of USA which offer various graduate, post graduate and undergraduate degree with certification courses in Fashion Merchandising programs, Fashion Designing and Textiles.

Bowling Green State University –Main Campus (BGSU): Most of the Fashion Merchandising Children in Ohio prefer this Bowling Green State University for their next graduate degrees. This University especially offers the Bachelor Degree programs for the students.

Ashland University: Ashland University is located at 401 College Avenue of Ashland. Ashland University offers Bachelors Degree in Fashion Merchandising.

Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD): Columbus College of Art and Design is located at Cleveland Avenue of Columbus, Ohio. This is one of the best amongst other fashion merchandising universities in Ohio.

Ursuline College: Ursuline College is located at 2550 LanderRd of Pepper Pike, Ohio and this is one of the best Women’s College in Ohio.

Virginia Marti College of Art and Design: Virginia Marti College of Art and Design is located at 11724 Detroit Avenue of Lakewood, Ohio.

Davis College: Davis College offers Fashion Merchandising Associate Degree Program. You can learn all the visual techniques and various merchandising designs by having a fashion merchandising degree from Davis College of Ohio.

Kent State University: Kent State University is located at Kent of Ohio which offers various fashion merchandising programs in Ohio like BS in Fashion Merchandising, MBA in Fashion Merchandising and other online degrees.

University of Cincinnati (UC): University of Cincinnati offers various fashion merchandising degrees along with Designing concept and Manufacturing of Apparel Items.

Choose the best college and universities of Ohio mentioned above and earn your expected fashion merchandising degrees with affordable and sometimes at very cheap tuition fees. Best luck to you.



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