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Garments Trimmings, Accessories, Pattern, Marker, Fabric Spreading, Interlining

Garments Trimmings:

Those accessories which are used in sewing section are called trimmings.

Garments Accessories:

Fabric is the basic material in garment manufacturing. Except fabric, the other materials are known as accessories. For shirt making there are some accessories are commonly used. These are- 1. Sewing Thread 2. Button. 3.Interlining, 4. Labels 5. Collar Bone etc.
There are some finishing accessories: 1. Neck Board, 2. Back Board, 3. Tissue 4. Butter fly 5. Price Ticket, 6. Hang Tag, 7.Al-pin, 8. Ball Head Pin 9. Plastic Clip, 10. Tag Pin 11. Poly Bag etc.

Garment Pattern:

The individual par of a garment which is shaped by hard paper is called pattern.

Working Pattern:

The patterns set which is used for sample making are called Working Pattern.


Marker is a large thin paper which contains shape of required pattern pieces or a particular style of garments.

Fabric Spreading:

Spreading means smooth lying out of fabrics as per marker length and width.

Fabric Cutting:

Cutting is the process by which we can cut fabrics as per marker dimension with the help of knife.

Bespoke Garments:

Bespoke Garments are made on the basis of individual clients and according to the individual’s size and requirement.

Ready to Wear Garments:

Ready to wear garments is made on the basis of target common groups, according to size charts, derived from statistical analysis.


Interlining is one kind of trimmings which is placed between two layer of garment parts in garment manufacturing


Lining is one kind of trimmings which is used underside of garments and use in next to skin.
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