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Institute of Textile Designing | College or Academy on Fashion & Textile Designs

Institute of Textile Designing is for the students who want to take major in Textile Designs and Fashion Merchandising. Textile Design Institute requires some qualification to get admitted like having a basic concept on Textiles and its materials in addition to the Fashion awareness. However most of the fashion schools & college doesn’t need any requirements to enroll on their students list.

As Institute of Textile Designing is exactly like an art academy; it still works with the sciences and engineering of Textiles. I said in some other blog post that, before knowing or working with the Textile Designing, one must have to know the engineering involved with the Textiles and its fabrics where the Design or Fashion arts will be applied. For instance, if you don’t know what type of fabric is for which particular dyes or printed designs; then the ultimate design product will be useless. A student of any institute of textile designing schools or college should well aware of the luster and physical properties of the textile cloth or fabric that would be used for experiment.

Well, there is a list of the famous and renowned Institute of Textile Designing from all over the world:-

  1. Herriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Textile & Design.
  2. Textile Institute of Pakistan.
  3. North Carolina State University, College of Textiles.
  4. Arch Academy of Design.
  5. JD Institute of Fashion Tech, Mumbai.
  6. GIGT Garment Technology.
  7. Creative I College of Arts.
  8. National Institute of Fashion & Technology (NIFT), Delhi.
  9. Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai.
  10. Sristhi School of Design, Bangalore.

These are the best institute of Textile designing. Some of these institutes are located at USA and some other at India & Pakistan. In Bangladesh there are some Textile Fashion Designing courses is being offered by the BIFT (BJMC Information & Fashion Technology) which is going to be the first fashion university in Bangladesh.



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