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Review of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) | A College of Fine Arts

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is located at Rhode Island of USA. This is one of the best private fine arts school of USA which offers almost every kind of degree related to designing and fine arts. The president of RISD is John Maeda.

Rhode Island School of Design was established in 1877. RISD is accredited by the Association of Independent Colleges of Arts and Design. Most of the students from USA are coming each semester to get into this school. Research said, students come to this school to earn an art and design degree from around the 50 more countries all over the world.

Ranking of Rhode Island School of Design: In the Fine Arts category, RISD ranked at the top (Number 1) position amongst all other Fine Arts Degree providing schools all over the USA.

RISD offers more than 22 graduate education programs for the students who are interested to earn a degree on Fine Arts, Architecture, Textiles, Design and Art Education.

Masters Programs are being offered by RISD:

Masters of Fine Arts in Ceramics: It’s a two years graduate degree for the students who want to earn a Ceramic Education Degree.

Masters of Fine Arts in Digital Media: Digital Media Degree is an advanced degree who wants to build a career in the Media arena.

Furniture Design: Earn a Furniture Design Degree from Rhode Island School of Design and be an expert in Furniture Designing.

Glass: This is a Two years graduate programs and a post course also would be added which is Post- baccalaureate.

Graphic Design: It’s a total 2+3 years Graduate degree in RISD. There is nothing more to say about Graphic Design Degree as how much demandable degree it is now days.

Jewelry and Metal Smiting: It’s a 2 plus 3 years graduation course on Rhode Design of School.

There is some other fine arts degree which is two years courses: Textiles, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture.

 Postal & Contact Address of Rhode Island School of Design:

2 College Street, Providence, RI 02903

Admissions Center Phone:      (401) 454-6300

E-mail for Admission Information:

Website of RISD for details of graduate programs offered by RSID: Click this link.

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