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Textile Clothing & Textile Apparels Ebook | Free Download

Today, I am going to share another top ten textile apparel and clothing related books for free and can be downloaded in PDF format.

These books are free and have been collected from various sources of Internet. So feel free to share and let others learn from you.

Textile & Clothing Industry of India: If you want to know the details of present Textiles and Clothing Industry of India; then you must have to read this book. This book contains all the detailed statistics of the present circumstances of the industry, the product, the economical updowns by textiles and what the opportunities or troubles for the Textile industry owners of India; so that you can get a clear idea about whether you should start a new textile clothing factories in india or not. Click Here To Download.

Textile Dyes and Dyeing Equipments: This PDF Book of Textile Dyes and Dyeing Equipment is for all the Textile learners who are interested to know what is Textile Dyes and how the various dyeing equipments are being used in traditional textile factory. In this textile book; the clear conceptions of different dyestuffs, dye origins, color schemes and coloration process and using of dyeing tools, dyeing machineries and accessories have been covered. Click Here To Download

Trade in Textiles and Clothing: In this Clothing Book; the author described what are the problems when the new entrepreneurs plans to start their very first textile clothing or apparel business. This book owner shared his own experiences of how he started his trades in Textiles, how he profited, how he lose and what are the obstacles a typical textile businessman faces along with different pictures, statistics and news. Click To Download

Textile Industry of Pakistan: The geometrical condition of Asian countries almost similar and that is why the present scenario of textile industry of Pakistan is similar to Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri-Lanka. To know the deep deeper of Pakistan’s Textile Clothing and Apparel Industry; just download this book and know the details at a glance. Download It Here

Installation & Maintenance Guide of Textiles: In order to set up a full textile industry; every Textile Engineer and Factory owner should have proper knowledge on how to install the textile machineries and how to maintenance these regularly. This book has lots of lessons on these and anyone can get a clear idea on textile factory and machine installations along with further maintenance guide. Click To Download

I have published a post yesterday about top ten textile ebooks; and as a serious post I am publishing this today. And this will be continued….so stay tuned with us.

February 10th, 2014 at 4:57 am

i am so excited to visit your sit madam, i am a student from ghana and i will be grateful if you could send me books on clothing and textiles studies though my email;
hope to hear from you.
wish you all the best.

March 26th, 2014 at 5:23 pm




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