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Textile Engineering Universities in Pakistan | Degrees, Courses & Admission Information

Pakistan is a beautiful country of South Asia and located just beside of India & Afghanistan. Due to availability of enormous raw materials like good quality of raw cotton; lots of textile industries has been developed in this country. A recent research shows that all of the Textile Mills and Companies of Pakistan exported total 8,445,254 in the year of 2004 to 2005 whereas this whole number has been extended in the year of 2006 which is about 9,867,141. That means, the rate of exporting textile goods from Pakistan has been increased insanely. Pakistan mainly export textile items named Cotton yarn, Cotton Cloth, Knit wear, Bed wear, Towels, Readymade Garments, Art silk and Synthetic textiles, made up textiles and some other items like textile tents, Canvas and Tarpaulins etc.

So, it is clear that the demand of this sector is going to be higher day by day and in the same way the demand of related professionals will be increased too. Because the more industry will join this business the more textile professionals and personnel will be required to maintain the production process smooth and managing the factories efficiently. And this is why students of Pakistan are being enthusiast to get them admitted in the Textile Engineering Universities in Pakistan for taking all the textile engineering courses and degrees at affordable cost.

To me, having an Textile Engineering degrees are worth of earning as this will make a student a damn expert on this textile apparel field which most of the textile job providers are looking for.

So, which are the universities of Pakistan are currently offering the Textile Engineering courses and Degrees now a day? Well, here is the list that I have collected from various online sites. Just look on these:-

  1. National Textile University (NTU): National Textile University of Pakistan is located at Faisalabad area. This Textile Institute gives various scopes of education to the students to study on Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs. Faculty Dean Name of NTU is Dr. Tanveer Hossain. Currently NTU offering various major courses and degrees from Department of Yarn Manufacturing, Department of Fabric Manufacturing, Department of Garment Manufacturing, Department of Polymer Engineering, Department of Textile Processing and Department of Materials and Testing. To know details about their education programs and degrees just mail to at:
  2. Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP): Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP) is located at Karachi. TIP currently offering various undergraduate degrees on Textile Engineering. Their main 4 years honors courses are: Textile Science, Textile Design Technology, Textile Management & Marketing, and Apparel Manufacturing & Merchandising. Their post graduate course name is: M.Sc. in Textile Chemistry.
  3. Bahauddin Zakaria University of College of Textile Engineering: Bahauddin Zakaria University is located at Multan. This university has opened a separate department merely for Textile Engineering Students named as College of Textile Engineering. Bahauddin Zakaria University offers B.Sc in Textile Engineering, Diploma in Textile Engineering and some other 1 years Certification courses on Textile. Textile Weaving, Textile Spinning, Textile Processing Technologies are the main sector where they are providing their education services.
  4. Institute of Textile Technology & Management: Institute of Textile Technology & Management is a Textile Education provider of Pakistan and the campus is located at Karachi. This university offers several Associate Diploma Degree along with 6 month courses. They are specializing in Textile Dyeing & Printing, Textile Weaving, Textile Spinning, Textile Merchandising etc.

If you want to have a smart starting salary in Textile sector; then you should have a degree from a top and best textile engineering university which the corporate and mill owner always prefer.  So, take the scope of studying in Textile Apparel Engineering university mentioned above and decorate your life. Best luck to you all.

December 22nd, 2012 at 11:19 am

i want to know that among these which universiry is better?

June 10th, 2013 at 12:29 pm

This university is missing in the above = BUITEMS university quetta also have a Texlte Engineering deparment since from 2002

June 10th, 2013 at 12:31 pm

This university is missing in the above = BUITEMS university quetta also have a Texlte Engineering deparment since 2002

u can search othe following link

Md.abdullah al mamun
August 18th, 2013 at 6:02 am

I want to education on this university.



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