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Top 8 Textile Fibers Books | Free Download

Today I am going to share eight exclusive textile fibers books. Hope these textile fibers books will help improve your academic and professional lives. I have collected all these books from various sources of web for you. So you can download these books absolutely free.

New Millennium Fibers: The present condition and the potential future of fibers have been elaborately discussed in the “New Millennium Fibers” book.  In addition, the origin and the future application of high performance fibers and carbon fibers have been explained here.

Textile Reference Book for Man Made Fibers: Another exclusive book for attaining in depth knowledge about textile fibers.  This book has focused on the main types of man-made fibers, both artificial and synthetic.

High Performance Fibres: This book elaborately explains how high performance fibers are designed and manufactured. This book also looks at the capabilities and applications of high performance fibers.

Chemical Technology of Textile Fibers:  It is one of the most mentionable textile fibers books. It covers the origin, structure, preparation, washing, bleaching, dyeing, printing and dressing of textile fibers.

Fiber Bragg Gratings: This book by Raman Kashyap provides a detailed view of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) from the fundamentals to its applications. Moreover, the positive and negative sides of different FBG methods are also outlines here.

Bast and Other Plant Fibres: “Bast and Other Plant Fibres” by Robert R. Franck outlines the importance and necessity of using natural fibers. This book has shown many application of bast fibers in textile.

Physical Properties of Textile Fibres:  This book has been particularly written for textile academicians, technologists, fiber scientists and textile engineers. This book provides an overview of fibre structures.

Smart Fibres, Fabrics and Clothing:  This book gives an insight into the latest developments in smart technologies for clothing and textiles.

That’s all for today.  I am sure that the aforementioned textile fibers books will help you get in depth knowledge about textile fibers.  Please share your thoughts about what type of books you want from us through commenting below.

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