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Top 20 Textile Articles You Won’t Forget!

TextileClass.Com is back again! We have been discontinued writing on this site for several personal problems. But, luckily all the problems have been solved and we are ready to boost this site again.

For this to begin; we would like to bring out the top 20 articles of this blog which you might have missed but worth reading!

Here you go:

  1. Properties of Cotton Fiber
  2. What is Wool Fiber?
  3. What is Winding in Weaving Factory?
  4. How to Wash your Garment Clothes or Fabric
  5. Types of Textile Dyeing Are Applied On Fabric!
  6. Where to buy used Spinning Wheels and Machines?
  7. Where to read Textile Engineering in USA?
  8. Knoll Textiles
  9. Textile Engineering Colleges/University Bangladesh
  10. What Are Knitting Stitches?
  11. How to knit a scarf, pillow or a Bag?
  12. MSC Degree in Textile Engineering!
  13. Textile Manufacturing Application & Software Download
  14. Learn Fabric Testing
  15. What Is Textiles?
  16. Download Popular Textile Book
  17. Screen Printing to T Shirts
  18. Spinning in Textile Industry
  19. Download Textile Research Journal For Free
  20. Jute Fiber

Just go through each links and read these again. For every Textile Learners and Textile Students from various Colleges and Universities; these links are the MUST to read! Best wishes!



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